Does your home need Mold Removal services?

mold under cabinet - Mold Removal services
Mold under cabinet

We can dispatch a DryHome Mold Removal technician to your property to detect any visible signs of mold. In the event mold is found an on-site technician may recommend that you leave the affected area while the mold cleanup and associated containment process is being safely completed.

If you need mold removal for an area which is greater than 10 square feet more aggressive precautions will be taken. You will also be asked to sign. Approve the work prior to the mold removal and related work being performed.

Mold is amongst us and is fairly harmless. When you have a water damage that is not tended to quickly, then a mold condition could occur. Sometimes mold can become potentially dangerous when not kept under control. Mold has the potential to create a health hazard, especially to people with sensitive sinuses or asthma. Removal of mold is usually easy, when left to the professionals.

If you have a mold clean up or mold removal job here in San Diego. That poses a liability to you or your health, get it professionally cleaned. Get at least 3 bids for your project and make sure that at least one if those bids is from DryHome!

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